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sam r hens greco


Sam r Hens Greco

Adoptions and Second-Parent Adoptions

A second-parent adoption is the adoption of a child, by the partner or spouse of that child’s biological parent. The biological parent consents to the adoption of his or her child by his or her partner or spouse, the “second parent.” The biological parent does not lose any parental rights.

Once the adoption is granted, the parents share the legal responsibility for the care, upbringing, love, and guidance of their child. The child gains a “second parent,” along with all the rights and privileges of being the child of the “second parent.” These rights include a multitude of benefits, such as social security rights, inheritance rights, custody and support, and medical benefits.

LGBT Rights 

Sam Hens-Greco has been a leading advocate for LGBT civil rights in Western Pennsylvania since 1987. An important and significant portion of his practice continues to be his representation of members of the LGBT community in a wide array of legal matters, including second-parent adoptions, estate planning, probate administration, and marriage equality rights.

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